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Heboh! Dewi Perssik Tertangkap Dalam Kontroversi Sapi Kurban yang Membuat Publik Salfok.

Heboh! Dewi Perssik Tertangkap Dalam Kontroversi Sapi Kurban yang Membuat Publik Salfok.

Heboh! Dewi Perssik Tertangkap Dalam Kontroversi Sapi Kurban yang Membuat Publik Salfok.

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7-kontroversi-dewi-perssik-yang-bikin-heboh-terbaru-soal-sapi-kurban-2kDBhzmr8t Heboh! Dewi Perssik Tertangkap Dalam Kontroversi Sapi Kurban yang Membuat Publik Salfok.

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Dewi Perssik Dangdut Singer: A Series of Controversies That Made Headlines

Penyanyi dangdut Dewi Perssik, or affectionately known as Depe, has once again caused a stir. This time, it is not her feud with relatives, ex-husband, or fellow artists, but with the head of her neighborhood’s community group (RT) located in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. Prior to this incident, Depe has often made headlines with her controversial statements and actions. In fact, there have been seven notable controversies that have caused a buzz in Indonesia. Here is a compilation of Dewi Perssik’s controversial moments:

1. Striking a Fan

Dewi Perssik is known for her provocative performances as a dangdut singer. In 2008, she stirred up public attention when a video surfaced showing her striking a fan during a performance. Depe claimed that the fan had behaved inappropriately towards her, including groping her breasts, which angered her and led her to retaliate with a punch.

2. Feuds with Artists

Dewi Perssik has been involved in several feuds with fellow artists. Apart from Nikita Mirzani, she has had disputes with Ayu Ting Ting, Andi Soraya, and the late Julia Perez. Unfortunately, her feud with Julia Perez even landed her in jail. Interestingly, their quarrel erupted while they were shooting a horror film titled “Arwah Goyang Karawang” back in 2011.

3. Feud with Niece

The former wife of Saipul Jamil had a falling out with her niece, Rosa Meldianti. Depe was accused of favoring her other niece, Lebby, over Meldi. This created a social media frenzy with exchanges of indirect insults between Depe and Meldi. However, their aunt-niece relationship has since improved.

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4. Violating Transjakarta Bus Lane

In 2017, Dewi Perssik caused a stir when she and her ex-husband, Angga Wijaya, illegally drove through the Transjakarta bus lane. To make matters worse, Angga’s car was nearly attacked by angry commuters for their reckless behavior. Depe claimed that they were in an emergency situation, as she had to rush her assistant to the hospital for an asthma attack. She even admitted to requesting police escort due to the urgency of the situation.

5. Multiple Marriages, Multiple Divorces

At the age of 37, Dewi Perssik has been married three times, all of which ended in divorces. After her divorce from Saipul Jamil, following only two years of marriage, Depe tied the knot with Aldi Taher in 2008. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only a year. In 2017, she married her own assistant, Angga Wijaya. Similar to her previous marriages, this union also crumbled after five years.

6. Reporting Haters

Recently, the singer of “Mimpi Manis” found herself targeted by haters who insulted her by calling her a prostitute. However, the case was resolved amicably after the perpetrator apologized publicly. Interestingly, Depe held a competition offering a reward of Rp100 million to any netizen who could help her identify the haters.

7. Dispute over Sacrificial Cow

Most recently, Dewi Perssik found herself in a conflict with the head of the local community group (RT) near her residence. However, the issue has since been resolved as both parties realized there were misunderstandings between them. Previously, Depe became upset when the RT leader rejected her sacrificial cow, and her household staff claimed that he demanded Rp100 million.

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Despite all the controversies surrounding Dewi Perssik, she remains a prominent figure in the dangdut music scene. Her actions continue to make headlines, attracting both admiration and criticism from the public.

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